Beauty by Boman

I’m so happy that you’ve found your way to Beauty by Boman websites. It all started in 2014, when I opened my blog about beauty. Back then the posts contained maximum of two pictures with a short description. As years went by, people started to ask more and more questions about dressing and advices how to make themselves look taller as well. In 2016 I finally added a Fashion category to the blog. Can’t believe how far Beauty by Boman has come from those times. I hope you feel like my websites are like that stylish friend, which every woman needs, to get over those minor or major style breakdowns, or to just spend some quality time with and run away from reality.

Niina Boman


The Roots

More About Me

I’m 32 years old and I live in Finland, in a beautiful neighbourhood called Kartanonkoski, next to Helsinki. Long time ago my grandfather’s father decided to move away from his home country Sweden to Finland to work as a stable guy. He fell in love with the master’s daughter, and the rest is history. So my roots are from Sweden, which explains my Swedish last name and that, which I call the creatively diverse view to style and aesthetics.

My professional field is beauty, but I also see my self as an entrepreneur and tomorrow’s fashion influencer. And what comes to my private life, shoes stole my heart long before no one else did, and with fitness we have this love-hate-relationship.

Chanelic Shortcomings

Beauty by Boman is like a portfolio of my creative craziness, where I share my personal style journey as a petite woman who would rather want to look like a beauty with model height. This minor Napoleon complex has produced some result ‘though, since every now and then people are shocked to hear how short I truly am. I’m here to share all my tips and tricks, and to make our shortcomings less obvios and more Chanelic.

You can expect to get a new article around three times a week. To never miss a post, subscribe to the newsletter and make sure to follow @niinaboman on Instagram. Thank you so much for reading, dear!